Peace Palace

Carnegie Foundation

The Carnegie Foundation was founded in 1903 to manage Andrew Carnegie’s donation, with which the Peace Palace was built. The goal was to become an accommodation for the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), and it houses the International Court of Justice (ICJ) since 1946. We have been managing the Peace Palace since 1913 and work hard to facilitate the prestigious institutes which reside here. The Carnegie Foundation also includes the Peace Palace Library, one of the largest libraries on international law in the world, which serves the two courts in the Peace Palace and the Hague Academy of International Law. Furthermore, we pursue the motto ‘Peace through law, arbitration and dialogue’ by hosting and organizing events and activities along these themes. Since 2018, the Peace Palace is an official SDG16 House, which entails organizing events around Sustainable Development Goal 16: ‘Peace, Justice,  and Strong Institutions. Click here for more information about the SDG’s.


The Carnegie Foundation ensures that the Peace Palace can maintain operability of the highest standard on peace and that it inspires people globally.

Our primary job is to facilitate the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The Peace Palace also has a large symbolic value. It is the icon of peace and justice in the world. Furthermore, the Peace Palace is a Dutch national monument, or Rijksmonument and it carries the European Heritage Label. A venue which offers space for meetings and knowledge retention, is visible, accessible, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial, but always with an eye and feeling for history and traditions. We want to invest to maintain the good and stimulate innovations. The Peace Palace has an exemplary role in peace and law.


In the palace, prestigious institutions work daily on peace through law, arbitration and dialogue. We provide the institutes with optimal working conditions. By maintaining the Peace Palace and her collections, we wish to fully utilize the unique potential of the Peace Palace as PeaceBuilding. In cooperation with various renowned partners, we promote bringing together actors with various backgrounds aiming to enhance dialogue, understanding and collaboration, leading to a more peaceful world. Using modern communications technology, we increase the range of the Peace Palace, thus delivering a sustainable contribution to global peace.