Peace Palace

Carnegie Foundation

The Carnegie Foundation in the Netherlands owns and manages the Peace Palace and we are proud to house the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration and The Hague Academy of International Law, all supported by our Peace Palace Library.

The Carnegie Foundation (1903) is named after Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), a Scottish-American philanthropist who generously funded the construction of the Peace Palace. Carnegie created the Carnegie Foundation for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in perpetuity a “Temple of Peace”.

The Carnegie Foundation ensures that the Peace Palace serves world peace. To that end, we maintain the Peace Palace and facilitate the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration, as well as The Hague Academy of International Law. We offer these institutions the services of the Peace Palace Library and provide available tools so they can settle international conflicts peacefully. In addition, we work towards a better world by convening, educating and inspiring people worldwide.

The Peace Palace is the icon of peace and justice in the world. By maintaining the palace and its collections and by convening parties to this inspiring venue, we aim to fully utilize the unique potential of the Peace Palace.
In the palace, prestigious international institutions daily work on peace through law and education. We aim to provide the institutions with optimal working conditions. Through the Peace Palace Library we deliver high quality knowledge and services to the institutions in the palace, organizations in The Hague and beyond. Together with partners, we convene actors from various backgrounds, aiming to enhance dialogue and cooperation. We invest to broaden our scope and increase the outreach of the Peace Palace.

In doing so, the Carnegie Foundation is working towards a better world.