Peace Palace

European Heritage Label

The European Heritage Label marks heritage sites that have been important in the history of Europe and through the ideals they represent. They played an important role in the creation of European unity. The Peace Palace embodying the ideals of peace and international jurisdiction, has been selected by the European Commission as such a place and received the European Heritage Label in 2013. The wish to settle international conflicts with the help of law and justice can be traced back to European history and traditions.


There are currently 60 sites in Europe that carry the European Heritage Label. These sites celebrate and symbolize European ideals, values, cultural heritage, history, intercultural dialogue and integration. They also offer valuable educational activities, especially for young people. In the Netherlands, besides the Peace Palace, they are Camp Westerbork, the Maastricht Treaty and the Colonies of Benevolence.

This map shows an overview of all sites that have received the label so far.