Peace Palace

Teaching materials

We are pleased that the subject ‘Peace through Law’ is addressed during your lessons. The Peace Palace is happy to contribute to your curriculum. On this page, you will find material to prepare a (virtual) visit to the Peace Palace.  Students who want to prepare a class presentation or another assignment about the Peace Palace or “Peace through Law”, can download our various materials here.

Audiotour for children
An excursion to the Visitors’ Centre of the Peace Palace fits in very well with lessons on citizenship, law and the rule of law. Are you planning to take your pupils to the Visitors’ Centre on your own occasion? We have developed questions and assignments for the (children’s) audio tour. You can download and print them here:

International Criminal Court
While the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which is located in the Peace Palace, focuses on conflicts between states, the International Criminal Court (ICC) brings to justice people suspected of having committed human rights violations. The ICC has a very informative visitor centre that can be visited with students. The ICC has also developed a lesson module for high school students here.

United Nations
Lessons and worksheets for secondary schools about the United Nations in its role as a peace keeper are also recommendable and can be found here.

Peace Education
Do you want to work on peace with your students? The educational package “Peace in your Hands” offers all kinds of tools! Or make use of this colorful book that speaks to the imagination.