Peace Palace

Support the Peace Palace

The Carnegie Foundation, as owner and manager of the Peace Palace, is serving the preservation and maintenance of the function of the Peace Palace as an icon and landmark by managing and maintaining premises and buildings, housing and facilitating the two Courts, the Library and the Hague Academy of International Law.

As the Netherlands are the host country of the two Courts in the Peace Palace, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs annually reimburses the costs of maintaining the palace as well as housing the Courts, providing services and managing the library. In addition, the foundation receives an annual contribution from both Courts and The Hague Academy. Detailed information can be found in the annual report of the Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace.

Next to the tasks mentioned above, the Carnegie Foundation also promotes the mission of the Peace Palace, working on “Peace through Law”. To create awareness of the Peace Palace and the work of the institutions located there, the foundation manages the Visitors Centre of the Peace Palace and carries out educational projects and events.

While the costs for maintaining the Peace Palace and housing the Courts are covered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and both the Courts, the realization of our public projects such as educational programs, and events like the Youth Carnegie Peace Prize, for example, depends on external support. Donations are therefore greatly appreciated.