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Note: Only events that promote peace and justice are eligible to rent space in the Peace Palace. For the guidelines click here. All organisations wishing to organise events at the Peace Palace must be non-controversial due to the neutral status of the Peace Palace.

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    (Seminar room can only be booked as break-out room in combination with the Auditorium)

    Auditorium and foyer

    You should allow for +/- €8.000 (excl. VAT) for the Auditorium room rental per day, security, basic AV and staff, excluding catering.
    370 people theatre set-up
    150 people cabaret set-up
    60 people square seating
    (option of hiring interpreting booths: if required, please mention this in the required technical facilities)

    Seminar room

    You should take into account +/- €3,000 (excl. VAT0 for room hire of the Seminar room per day, security, basic AV and Staff, excluding catering.
    60 people theatre set-up
    32 people square configuration