Peace Palace

Masterpieces by Ferdinand Bol

Ferdinand Bol (1616-1682), who was a follower of Rembrandt, received an order from Jacoba Lampsins in 1657. She was the wife of a rich merchant and asked Bol to make five wall sized paintings for her residence at the Nieuwe Gracht in Utrecht. The subjects of the paintings all fit in with the family history of the moneyed Jacoba Lampsins, but also with the higher aspirations of this lady in Utrecht in the Golden Age.

Well over two hundred years later, the paintings were removed from the residence in Utrecht and they were donated to the Rijksmuseum. At the beginning of the 20th century, the museum gave four out of five paintings in perpetual loan to the Peace Palace.  Three of the paintings were placed in the walls of the room that became known as the Bolroom later on, the fourth painting is located in an office on the ground floor.