Peace Palace at the Peace Palace


Jip Heijmerink from the platform “My Daily Shot of Culture” knows all about making a virtue of necessity. With her project “” she ensures that various museums and cultural institutions remain accessible online in spite of the government measures concerning COVID-19. In a very short time Jip visited various institutions and produced exciting digital tours of the mostly empty buildings and published them online.

Although the Peace Palace is not a museum, in addition to its impressive architecture and artistic interior, more than forty international works of art can be found in this icon of peace and justice. “French paintings, Japanese gobelins, Turkish carpets, Chinese vases and high-quality building materials from almost all continents – to name but a few examples, so much craftsmanship can be found in the Peace Palace. People from all over the world take part in a guided tour of the Peace Palace to see the art collection and learn more about the history of the palace and the courts located here” says Jacobine Kerdijk-Wieringa, curator of the Peace Palace.

Jip Heijmerink visited the Peace Palace at the beginning of the corona crisis and recorded a tour for the people at home. It turned into a magnificent one-take video (Dutch language):

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Due to covid-19, the Carnegie Foundation has had to adapt its working method in order to respond to the current situation and give substance to the current government measures. The Visitors Centre is temporarily closed to the public and guided tours cannot be organised at the moment. Events and projects have been postponed and hall rental is currently not possible. However, these are important sources of income for the Peace Palace. In these difficult times, we need help. Become Friend of the Peace Palace and support the work of the Carnegie Foundation, owner and manager of the Peace Palace, to preserve this building as a “Temple of Peace”.

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