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Art of Peace

News item | 28-09-2021

Poetry, music and true stories about individuals who have served peace and freedom – all these ingredients come together in the “Art of Peace”. Around 500 people attended this artistic evening walk, which took place in the garden of the Peace Palace from 23 to 26 September 2021. The visitors walked through an attractively lit garden, listened to a story or a poem and enjoyed live music. “Art of Peace” connected not only various artistic elements, but also the history of the UN, freedom and the Peace Palace.

At the start of the route, visitors met the Peace Goddess Irene who addressed everyone. Participants also got to know the Nobel laureate Dag Hammarskjöld who was Secretary General of the United Nations from 1953 to 1961 and whose career was devoted to dialogue and de-escalation, including during the Suez Canal crisis. The story of Raoul Wallenberg, who as a voluntary envoy of the Swedish government saved the lives of an estimated 100,000 Jews in Hungary, moved many participants.
You have to stand your ground – that was the conclusion of the impressive story of Max Chotzen and Jos Gemmeke. During the war, they were connected to the Library of the Peace Palace and at the same time were active in the Dutch resistance. Together with colleagues, they printed illegal newspapers on a stencil machine hidden in the basement of the palace.

The Carnegie Foundation, owner of the Peace Palace and initiator of this unique walk, hopes that both the extraordinary stories and the unique garden of the Peace Palace have touched and inspired visitors. To recall this evening walk and the stories, you’ll find a gallery of photos from “Art of Peace” below.

“Art of Peace” was made possible thanks to the practical support of a number of volunteers and the support of the following partners: Municipality of The Hague, Gravin van Bylandt Stiching, Province of South Holland and NIBC. The content was developed in collaboration with LUSTR, Firma Mes and STET (The English Theatre).






Photos: Maurice Haak.
Copyright: Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace. Use of these photos requires prior written permission.