Peace Palace


The Carnegie Foundation believes it is important to share the value of making peace through means of jurisdiction with children and adolescents.
In a special program (Educational Program) for schools the history and the work of the institutions housed in the Peace Palace are presented in an interactive way. The program is accustomed as much as possible to the groups level.

Educational groups are received by an employee of the Carnegie Foundation in the Visitors Center. When there are no hearings given by one of the courts or any other special meetings, the group is also welcome to visit the entrance hall of the Peace Palace and one of the court rooms. If the Peace Palace is closed for visits the group will be taken to The Peace Palace Library in the Academy Building, situated next to the Peace Palace.

The Educational Program can be booked on specific days and hours only, namely;

Mondays (throughout the year) at:

  • 9am
  • 10.30am
  • 12.45pm
  • 2.15pm

Wednesdays and Thursdays;

  • April to November; only at 08.30am.
  • November to April; at 08.30am and 10am

A visit takes 75 minutes. The costs of a visit are € 130. The maximum group size is 20 students and 2 supervisors.


Booking inquiry

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Its forbidden to take pictures in the Peace Palace. The supervisor is expected to ensure that the group behaves in an orderly and peaceful manner, so that employees can do their work properly