Peace Palace

Guided tours

In the Palace
After a tour of the Visitors Centre, you might be curious about what is behind the imposing facade of the Peace Palace. This summer, the doors of the Peace Palace will open to the public for a few days on the weekends. You will walk from room to room, where a guide will be waiting for you to tell you about the building, the institutions that are housed there and the works of art that decorate the building. During your tour you will visit the Great Hall of Justice, the Small Courtroom and the Japanese Room, which will give you an impression of the most beautiful rooms in the building.
Before your tour of the palace commences, you will be introduced by listening to an audio tour in the Visitors Centre. A ticket for this introduction followed by a visit to the palace costs €14,50. There are no discount rates. The palace tour is not suitable for young children. Your visit will take approx. 95 minutes.

These special visits to the palace are only offered on weekends when there are no hearings. We will ensure that you can keep a sufficient distance from your fellow visitors.

Visit Great Hall of Justice
In addition to the above mentioned tour of the palace, on weekend days we also offer a visit to the Great Hall of Justice, in which the International Court of Justice holds its hearings.
After the audiotour in the Visitors Centre, you will have the opportunity to visit the Great Hall of Justice. In this hall, a guide will tell you about the workof the International Court of Justice, about the use of the hall by this world court and about the decoration of the room. Another guide will take you back to the Visitors Centre via a different route so you will also be able to see the outside of the room from the garden side.

The total duration is approximately 70 minutes. A combiticket for the Visitors Centre and the visit of the Great Hall of Justice is €11.


Around the Palace
On weekdays we give you the opportunity to explore the site with a guide. During a walk through the historical gardens around the Peace Palace you will get a good idea of the different buildings on the grounds, their special architecture and the way they connect with each other and the garden. Works of art tell something about the value of what takes place in and around the Peace Palace. This “Walk around the Peace Palace” offers you a special and surprising perspective!

The costs for this walking tour are €11 including an introductory visit to the Visitors Centre. Please note: this tour will only take you to the gardens, you won’t enter the palace. The duration of the walk is approx. 50 minutes and your visit to Visitors Centre will take 30 to 40 minutes. The gardens are not accessible for wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Please note:  

  • Entrance is only possible with a valid passport or EU ID card/driving license.
  • All participants pass through a metal detection gate. An exception can be made for pregnant women and people with a pacemaker, a hand metal detector is available
  • Bags, cameras and mobile phones may not be taken into the Palace and can be stored in a locker in the Visitors Centre. Because of the available space, we ask you to have one member of your group put your belongings in the safe
  • It is not allowed to take photographs in the palace. The Peace Palace is only accessible to prams, wheelchairs and walkers to a limited extent. Mobile scooters are not allowed
  • Read more about our approach to protect the health of our guests and employees.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Peace Palace!

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