Peace Palace Peace and Justice

Just Peace: Paco Ŝako

22 September

It is better to win the peace and to lose the war

On 22 September, the Peace Palace will host the official launch of the innovative and artistic Paco Ŝako: a chess game not won by capturing opposing pieces, but by peace, cooperation and friendship. Mastering the fine art of diplomacy will lead you to glorious victory at this iconic venue where progress towards a peaceful world is made daily.

Paco Ŝako can become a tremendously dynamic and deep game, offering a challenge for even the extremely innovative and thoughtful.

Prior to the tournament, participants will be granted a visit to one of the imposing halls where conflicts are settled. Afterwards, the creator of the game will explain the rules of Paco Ŝako. Participation is possible for chess players of all ages and nationalities, but experience in the game of chess is highly appreciated. All participants are requested to bring a small local or national snack or drink to offer to their opponents.

Supported languages are English and Dutch.

The tournament starts at 13:30. Participants are kindly requested to be present in the Visitors Centre at 13:00. The tournament ends at 18:00. Access to the Palace grounds is only granted to those accompanied by a valid passport (or -for citizens of EU member states- other ID). Entry costs for participation are 5. Coffee and Tea included.

Entry is open until 20 September. The rules of Paco Ŝako are available at

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