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Past event: 100 years of organizing peace, 1918-2018

100 years of organizing peace, 1918-2018

10 November 2018

The peace treaty of the 11th of November 1918 marks the end of the four-year lasting World War which cost millions of lives. After the war, supranational initiatives are begun which must guarantee global peace. These forms of international cooperation which were deemed irreplaceable for decades, have been put under scrutiny over the past years. What have these cooperative arrangements produced? Do the current forms of institutionalized cooperation still satisfy? What are the solutions for a time in which supranational cooperation and the fear of the loss of sovereignty collide?

During the interdisciplinary conference ‘100 years of organizing peace, 1918-2018’, the outcome of a 100 years of international cooperation will be discussed from a historical and contemporary perspective.

The conference takes place on the 10th of November in the Peace Palace. Tickets are € 50 including a lunch and drinks. The event starts at 12. For access to the grounds, a valid ID is required. Click here to go to the website of for more information and to buy tickets.

On Saturday the 10th of November (in the Peace Palace) and on Sunday the 11th of November (in Doorn), you have the opportunity to visit the Concert to End all Wars. Click here for tickets.

The conference is in Dutch but there are translators at the event.