Peace Palace

Support the Peace Palace

During this difficult time, the Peace Palace is in great need of your support.

With your support, you will contribute to the work of the Carnegie Foundation in order to preserve the Peace Palace as a ‘Temple of Peace’ and help us to get through this crisis. Together we work towards a better world.

The Carnegie Foundation has had to adapt its working methods in order to respond to the current situation and give substance to recent government measures. Our Visitor Centre and the Peace Palace Library are open to the public again, of course in compliance with the current COVID-19 measures. Our projects and events have been postponed.

On the background, we continue to work hard and are busy making new arrangements in order to create and continue beautiful projects. We are looking forward to welcome you again!

How can you support the Peace Palace?
This can be done in the following ways:

Contributions help us to further expand our activities regarding “Peace through Law”,  “Peace through Dialogue”, “Peace through Culture” and “Peace through Education”.

About the Peace Palace
In the Peace Palace, we work daily to prevent and resolve conflicts by means of international law. The Peace Palace is home to the International Court of Justice, the only main body of the United Nations outside New York. The Peace Palace also houses the Permanent Court of Arbitration and Peace Palace Library, the most prestigious library in the field of international law and peace in the world. In addition, the palace is a national monument and European Cultural Heritage and contains art in the form of exceptional masterpieces and interior ensembles that all together tell the story of the Peace Palace: contributing to world peace.

The Carnegie Foundation
The Carnegie Foundation is the owner of the Peace Palace and maintains this impressive cultural heritage. The foundation also promotes the Peace Palace as a worldwide symbol for peace and justice. We organise and facilitate (public) events that stimulate dialogue on matters related to peace. In this, we work with international public and private partners.

Netherlands America Foundation (NAF)
The Carnegie Foundation is a member of the Netherlands America Foundation (NAF). The NAF has established a legal structure to facilitate tax-efficient cooperation in fundraising with Dutch institutions. The Friends Fun Program of the NAF gives U.S. donors the advantage of a U.S. income and gift tax deduction for their gifts.

Transnational Giving Europe (TGE)
The Carnegie Foundation is part of the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network, which allows donors from a range of european countries to give across borders and with tax advantages.

Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)
The Carnegie Foundation has been exempted from paying any taxes over donations and inheritances in the Netherlands, because of its special “ANBI status”. Dutch fiscal reference number: 002712714.