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SDG Charter signed

News item | 28-09-2017

Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace signs
Sustainable Development Goals Charter

Chairman Bernard Bot has signed the Sustainable Development Goals Charter today on behalf of the Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace. By signing the charter, the organization commits to the promotion of these important development goals for the future that were set at the United Nations. Specifically, the Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace will focus on the goal to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies, which is Sustainable Development Goal 16.

The Peace Palace has been founded as temple for peace and justice with the ideal that useful dialogue, mediation and an independent judiciary that can handle disputes between states can help to prevent war. The Peace Palace houses the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) and The Hague Academy of International Law. The Carnegie Foundation is the owner of the Peace Palace, facilitates these important institutions and manages the largest library on international law in the world. Next to that, the Carnegie Foundation has a role of active facilitator of dialogues and pursuant of progress towards peace.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations that came in to effect in January 2016, are the most important goals that the world should work on for the future. These goals are the successor of the Millennium Goals. In the Sustainable Development Goals, the promotion of just, peaceful and inclusive societies was included as an essential goal for the future for the first time. This is SDG16. It is a goal that matches the ideal with which the Peace Palace was founded well.

Signing: and then?

By signing the Sustainable Development Goals Charter, the Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace commits to the promotion of concrete progress towards peace. The Peace Palace is the worldwide symbol of peace and justice, but the Carnegie Foundation also strives to translate this grand ideal to concrete steps towards a more peaceful future. The organization does this by bringing together different parties for a constructive dialogue in a unique building that was founded as the temple of peace and justice.

SDG Charter organization


The signing of the SDG Charter by Chairman Bernard Bot of the Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace was affirmed by the signature of director Maresa Oosterman of the Netherlands SDG Charter organization. By signing the Charter, the Carnegie Foundation becomes a part of a network of organisations that have signed the SDG Charter. More information on the SDG Charter and the Dutch signatories can be found on the website of the Dutch SDG Charter.