Peace Palace

Van Karnebeekbron

Karnebeek bron 1924

The Van Karnebeekbron is a monument located on the corner of the Carnegieplein and the Scheveningseweg, only meters away of the Peace Palace. The fountain with reservoir and bench was erected in 1915 in remembrance of the opening of the Peace Palace (1913). It is named after the first chairman of the Carnegie Foundation, Mr. A.P.C. van Karnebeek. The freeze of the fountain is made of ceramic tiles adorned with the names of the first board of the Carnegie Foundation, the building commission of the Peace Palace and the architects (Louis Cordonnier and J.A.G van der Steur).

The fountain, made of bricks, terracotta and glazed tiles, is designed and producted by the Dutch sculptor Willem Coenraad Brouwer (1877-1933). Willem Brouwer was director of the Firm Brouwers Aardewerk in Leiderdorp and was also assigned to design the ornaments in the courtyard of the Peace Palace. The courtyard is decorated with terracotta tiles and ornaments of animals and symbols of peace and law. Brouwers Aardewerk also made the terracotta plaquettes on the entrance gate of the Peace Palace with symbols of law.