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The Carnegie Foundation has been exempted from paying any taxes over donations and inheritances, because of its special status as a charity in the Netherlands (ANBI status).

Contact details: Carnegie Foundation, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ, tel: +31 70 302 42 42, email:,

Fiscal reference number: 002712714

Board members: Dr. B.R. Bot (Chairman), Mr. D.C. van Wassenaer (Treasurer), Mr. E.M. Wesseling-van Gent, Mr. F. Majoor, mw. Ir. F. Houben, Mr. R. van den Bergh.

Remuneration policy: In accordance with Dutch ARAR/BBRA standards.

Goal/activities/policy: “The goals of the Carnegie Foundation are managing the Peace Palace including renovations and enlargement of the building when necessary, maintenance of the other buildings that are used for international lectures on the international rule of law, management and maintenance of the Peace Palace Library that is mainly focused on international law, and any activities relating to this. The Peace Palace includes the Palace itself, the building that is in use by the Judges of the International Court of Justice, the building that is being used by The Hague Academy for International Law and the Peace Palace Library and the Entrance Building / Visitors Center. The tasks of the Carnegie Foundation can be divided in: the daily exploitation of the Peace Palace; maintenance and restoration of the Peace Palace; management and further development of the Peace Palace Library; supporting the international organizations that are based in The Hague; public policy and tours of the building; other activities.”

See here the Financial Statement 2017 of the Carnegie Foundation.