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Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize

On November 16, 1916, amid the horrors of the First World War, the Hague banker Johan Gerard Daniel Wateler decided to allocate his capital for peace. In his will he stated that with his money a peace prize should be established. After his death in 1927 his estate went to the Carnegie Foundation who was assigned to annually award the peace prize with the interest of the legate. The Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize is presented in the Peace Palace since 1931.

Prominent laureates of the peace prize are Sir Eric Drummond (1931), first secretary of the League of Nations, Sir Baden-Powell (1934), founder of Scouting, Jean Monnet (1953), one of the fathers of the EU, Coretta Scott King (1969), peace activist and widow of Martin Luther King and War Child (2012). The history of the wateler peace prize and its laureates reflect how the ideas of building peace and preventing war have changed over the past 85 years.

Ms. Sigrid Kaag received the Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize on November 16, 2016.

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